What does VAIS Audio Editor do?

Visually Edit Any Audio Files

VAIS Audio Editor is a visual multifunctional audio editor for Windows. It allows performing various operations with audio data by displaying a waveform image of the audio file. When editing audio files you can visually cut, copy, crop, paste, trim, mix, insert any portion of the audio files. It works with a huge range of audio formats including MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE, AC3, AIFF, MP2, M4a, etc. Thus you are enabled to edit audio sound regardless of their source formats and save them to any popular audio format you can think of.

Capture Sound as a Sound Recorder

VAIS Audio Editor also works like a sound recorder. It can be used to record voice from microphone, internet streaming audio, music and any sound you hear. It never let you down by recording sound professionally. You can set a schedule to let it automatically start and stop the recording at the time you want.

Extract Audio Files

Do you have video files that you'd like to have in audio format, say a music video downloaded from YouTube that you want to listen to on your iPod? A distinctive feature contained in VAIS Video Converter lets you just do that. It makes it possible to basically "lift" the audio track from a video file and the audio quality will be the same as the original video without any quality loss.

More than 30 Audio Effects Provided

You may need to apply different digital effects whether you are new to audio editing or anxious to make a professional and interesting audio master piece to share with others. More than 30 sound effects like echo, fade, pitch, etc. and filters including notch filter, band pass, high shelf, etc. are provided to make the sound more desirable. All the effects come with customizable parameters and multiple presets to save your effort from repetitive work. Meanwhile, VAIS Audio Editor allows real-time preview to listen to the effects you choose before actually adding them to the audio.

Batch Processing

VAIS Audio Editor has the ability to batch convert and add audio effects to as many as audio files as you want at one time. You don't have to wait up until one file is done. Just import them for batch processing and save tons of time.

Load from Audio CD

VAIS Audio Editor provides an options to input audio files - it allows you to load audio tracks from audio CDs. Once you insert a CD, the "Load CD" feature will show you all the tracks included in the disc. What's more exciting, with the CDDB database searching, you can easily get the detailed information of the CD album and the songs within. Choose one of tracks and it will be directly loaded to the waveform window.

Reduce Noise for Clean Sound

If you are attempting to record your own music or if you have an audio file that is full of distracting background noise, VAIS Audio Editor makes it easy by removing unwanted noise to extract the cleanest audio. You can reduce any kind of noise like crack, hiss, clicks, cassette noise and voice breath.

Superb Ease of Use

You don't need to be a professional to use VAIS Audio Editor. It allows you to make editing to any kind of audio sound in a few mouse clicks. You will always know what to do next even it enables you to perform a lot of operations. Once you get started you will be surprised to see the possibilities this program offers.

Ideal Output Quality

Unlike many other audio editors, VAIS Audio Editor helps edit audio files without any notable loss of sound quality. You will get a chance to set the preset quality and choose the sample rate, bit depth and channels before output.

Bookmark & Region Manager

VAIS Audio Editor has bookmark and region settings that will remember exactly where you left off in an audio file, freeing you from repeated playback. The detailed information of bookmark and region helps indicate specific points/parts of interest in the audio file so as to makes it easy to locate them quickly.

ID3 Tag Editor & WMA Info

It is common to get the audio files quite cluttered for anyone who collects a large amount of songs from various sources. You can easily remedy this issue by editing the ID3 tags/WMA info which contains title, artist, year, genre and other great information, making categorizing them in a way that best suits your personal music directory like a breeze.

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How to Convert Video Files?

Many audio files can't be used because they are not perfect. They need to be polished so that there will be no noise, silence or unwanted part included. That's why you need VAIS Audio Editor to help you perfect the audio file you want to use on other devices or in other applications.

VAIS Audio Editor can certainly be a great assistant for your daily audio editing work. It provides functions including recording, visual editing and CD burning to meet your needs. You can record sounds from various sources like stereo mix, online streaming, web radio and so on. When editing audio files, you can cut, copy and paste parts of recordings visually. At the same time, to edit more conveniently, you can also set bookmark and add region. Effects like echo, fade in and out, chorus and amplification can do you a great favor to get unique audio sound. What's more, the build-in CD ripper is available if you would like to burn your music creation to Audio CD. Besides, it has many other tools like noise reduction, speech synthesis, ID3 tag and WMA tag info editor, etc. Learn more >>

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VAIS Audio Editor

Awards and reviews

"VAIS Audio Editor is worth checking out. It's flexible, and no matter what kind of needs like audio editing or recording, it gets the job done perfectly. All necessary features of an audio editor are included and it provides more, making itself irreplaceable."
"A professional audio editor. It provides users with the most audio editing tools that one could use in a editing task, including recording ability, adjustable audio effects, noise reduction, bookmark, ID3 Tag Editor and a lot more."

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